Prof. Dr. Pál Sipos

Csongrád county sub-division of the Hungarian Chemical Society

SZTE Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

Dóm sq. 7.
Szeged, Hungary

Phone: +36 62/ 544 054

Fax: +36 62/ 544 340


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the homepage of the Csongrád county sub-division of the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE CSMCS). In general, the function of the association is concerned with the organization and funding of chemistry-related events and activities held in the South-East region of Hungary. In addition, our mission also includes recruitment of future university students in chemistry as well as identifying and fixing misconceptions about chemistry for the non-specialist community.

We regularly organize research seminars by inviting national and international experts to discuss chemistry-related topics. Besides, sponsorship of elementary and high school chemistry education is one of our main goals to help these schools in the development of good quality teaching conditions. Our members are keen on providing information about ongoing research activities, available instruments and educational programs to strengthen the relation between academia and industry in this region.

We organize 2 main events yearly. First, the Chemistry Lectures usually in the second half of October, which is an international conference for undergraduate and doctoral students providing an excellent forum to discuss scientific challenges for young experts. Second, the Chromatography Course, in each January, for specialists in separation techniques. The latter conference is on the national level, i.e., only for Hungarian-speaking participants. For more details, please visit the (ide a linkeket) websites.

Thank you for visiting our homepage and we are looking forward to meeting you at one of our events or activities. If you agree with the above aims and consider supporting our association, please do not hesitate to contact us on the address.

Kind Regards,

Prof. Dr. Pál Sipos
President of MKE CSMCS