Personality dynamics and social existence [In Hungarian: Személyiségdinamika és társadalmi lét]. Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó [Academic Press], 1969; 231 p.

A hypothesis on the specifically human basic need (SHBN) with a structure that is isomorph with a specifically human basic activity: the work as an activity of arranging in a structure ends and means and transfering that structure to various parts of its universe. The hypothesis is based on the Leontievian activity theory completed by a critical chapter about what is ommitted from the Leontievian interpretation of Vygotsky ("Social relation: Self-evidence or probleme?"). A revised version of the chapter about Vygotsky and Leontiev is re-published: Quo vadis, pp. 207—232. Review: F. Erös: Personality Dynamics and Social Existence, by L. Garai. European Journal of Social Psychology. 4/3 [1974]. pp. 369-379.

Key words: specifically human basic need; activity; development; property relations; structures and positions; functional organs; personality; production-centered psychology; Marx; Vygotsky; Leontiev

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