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Crusades covers seven hundred years from the First Crusade (1095-1102) to the fall of Malta (1798) and draws together scholars working on theatres of war, their home fronts and settlements from the Baltic to Africa and from Spain to the Near East and on theology, law, literature, art, numismatics and economic, social, political and military history.

Editors Benjamin Z Kedar and Jonathan Riley-Smith
Associate editor(s) Jonathan Phillips
Associate editors for vols. 1-3. Michael Evans (3), Helen Nicholson (1-3)
Bulletin editor Karl Borchardt
Reviews editor Christoph Maier
Editorial board Michel Balard, James Brundage, Robert Cook, Jaroslav Folda, R.B.C. Huygens, David Jacoby, Catherine Otten, Denys Pringle, Jean Richard
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Volume 1 (2002) Volume 2 (2003) Volume 3 (2004) Volume 4 (2005) Volume 5 (2006) Volume 6 (2007) Volume 7 (2008) Volume 8 (2009)


Volume 1 (2002)



Jean Richard, 'De Jean-Baptiste Mailly à Joseph-François Michaud: un moment de l'historigraphie des croisades (1774-1841)'

Jonathan Riley-Smith, 'Casualties and the Number of Knights on the First Crusade'

Susan Reynolds, 'Fiefs and Vassals in Twelfth-century Jerusalem: a View from the West'

Peter W. Edbury, 'Fiefs and Vassals in the Kingdom of Jerusalem: from the Twelfth Century to the Thirteenth'

Miriam Tessera: ' "Prudentes homines… qui sensus habebant magis exercitatos": a Preliminary Enquiry into William of Tyre's Vocabulary of Power'

Johannes A. Mol, 'Frisian fighters and the Crusade'

Daniella Talmon-Heller, '"The Cited Tales of the Wondrous Doings of the Shaykhs of the Holy Land" by Diya' al-Din Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad b. 'Abd al-Wahid al-Maqdisi (569/1173 – 643/1245): Text, Translation and Commentary'

Robert Kool, 'Coins at Vadum Jacob: New Evidence on the Circulation of Money in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem during the Second Half of the Twelfth Century'

Cyril Aslanov, 'Languages in Contact in the Frankish Levant'

Nancy Bisaha, 'Pius II's Letter to Sultan Mehmed II: A Reexamination'


Bulletin of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East

Volume 2 (2003)


Jean Flori, 'De la paix de Dieu à la croisade? Un réexamen'

Gabriella Airaldi, 'Memoria e memorie di un cavaliere: Caffaro di Genova'

Tivadar Palágyi, 'Regards croisés sur l’épopée française et le destân turc'

Janus Møller Jensen, 'Sclavorum expugnator: Conquest, Crusade, and Danish Royal Ideology
in the Twelfth Century'

Ronnie Ellenblum, 'Frontier Activities: the Transformation of a Muslim Sacred Site into the
Frankish Castle of Vadum Iacob'

Rebecca Rist, 'Papal Policy and the Albigensian Crusades: Continuity or Change?'

Jean Richard, 'Pouvoir royal et patriarcat au temps de la Cinquième Croisade, à propos
du rapport du patriarche Raoul'

Anthony Luttrell, 'Hospitaller Birgu: 1530–1536'

Jonathan Riley-Smith, 'Islam and the Crusades in History and Imagination, 8 November 1898–
11 September 2001'


Bulletin of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East

Volume 3 (2004)


Peter Frankopan, 'Co-operation between Constantinople and Rome before the First Crusade: a study of the convergence of interests in Croatia in the late 11th century'

Benjamin Z. Kedar, 'The massacre of 15 July 1099 in the historiography of the crusades'

Yuval Noah Harari, 'Eyewitnessing in accounts of the First Crusade: the Gesta Francorum and other contemporary narratives'

Joseph Drory, 'Some observations during a visit to Palestine by Ibn al-Arabi of Seville in 1092–1095'

Michael Stone, 'A notice about patriarch Aimery of Antioch in an Armenian Colophon of 1181'

Denys Pringle, 'Crusader inscriptions from southern Lebanon'

Gregory O'Malley, 'Pilgrimage, crusades, trade and embassy: pre-Elizabethan English contacts with the Ottoman Turks


Bulletin of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East

Volume 4 (2005)

Graham A. Loud, 'Some reflections on the failure of the Second Crusade'

Anthony Luttrell, 'Ermengol de Aspa, Provisor of the Hospital: 1188'

 Susan B. Edgington, 'Administrative regulations for the Hospital of St John in Jerusalem dating from the 1180s'

Thomas Licence, 'The Templars and the Hospitallers, Christ and the Saints'

Mary Fischer, 'The Books of the Maccabees and the Teutonic Order'

David Jacoby, 'Aspects of everyday life in Frankish Acre'

  Iris Shagrir, 'The naming patterns of the inhabitants of Frankish Acre'

 Moshe Sharon, 'Vassal and fasal: the evidence of the Farkhah inscription from 608/1210'

 R.B.C. Huygens, 'Inventio Patriarcharum'

Reports on Recent Excavations: The Church of St John in Acre (Eliezer Stern) Latrun (Adrian Boas)


Bulletin of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East

Volume 5 (2006)

John France, 'Two types of vision on the First Crusade: Stephen of Valence and Peter Bartholomew'

Susanna Throop, 'Vengeance and the Crusades'Tom Licence, 'The Military Orders as monastic orders'

Marie-Anna Chevalier, 'La vision des ordres religieux-militaires par les Chrétiens orientaux (Arméniens et Syriaques) au Moyen Age (du début du XIIe siecle au début du XIVe siecle)'

Jason Roche, 'Conrad III and the Second Crusade: retreat from Dorylaion?'

Emilie Savage-Smith, 'New evidence for the Frankish study of Arabic medical texts in the crusader period'

Charles Burnett, 'Stephen, the disciple of philosophy, and the exchange of medical learning in Antioch'

Christer Carlsson, 'The religious orders of knighthood in Medieval Scandinavia: historical and archaeological approaches'

Matthew Phillips, 'The thief's cross: crusade and penance in Alan of Lille's Sermo de cruce domini'

Edward Peters, 'There and back again: crusaders in motion, 1096-1291'

Matthias Piana, 'Archaeology, Topography: The crusader castle of Toron: first results of its investigation'

Pnina Arad, 'Thanks to a neighbour's bad reputation. Reconstructing an area of 13th-century Acre'


Bulletin No. 26. of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East

Volume 6 (2007)

Niall Christie, 'Motivating listeners in the Kitab al-Jihad of 'Ali ibn Tahir al-Sulami (d. 1106)'

Laura Lieber, '"There is none like you among the mute": the theology of Ein Kamokha Ba-Illemin in context, with a new edition and translation'

Suleiman A. Mourad and James E. Lindsay, 'Rescuing Syria from the infidels: the contribution of Ibn'Asakir of Damascus to the jihad campaign of Sultan Nur al-Din'

Paul M. Cobb, 'Infidel dogs: hunting crusaders with Usamah ibn Munqidh'

Peter W. Edbury, 'The French translation of William of Tyre's Historia: the manuscript tradition'

Taef El-Azhari, 'Muslim chroniclers and the 4th Crusade'

Jessalyn Bird, 'Paris masters and the justification for the Albigensian Crusade'

Hans Eberhard Mayer, 'Genaus angebliche Allianz mit den Kreuzfahrerstaaten von 1233'

Anna-Maria Kasdagli and Yanna Katsou, 'The social contents of gravestones: 2 portraits'


Bulletin No. 27 of the SSCLE

Volume 7 (2008)

Cyril Aslanov, 'The comic as a factor of integration: the recuperation of the otherness in the Song of William'

Marc Carrier, 'Pour en finir avec les Gesta Francorum : une réflexion historiographique sur l'état des rapports entre Grecs et Latins au début du XIIe siecle et sur l'apport nouveau d'Albert d'Aix'

Andrew Jotischky, 'The Christians of Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulchre and the origins of the First Crusade'

Eva Haverkamp, 'What did the Christians know? Latin reports on the persecutions of Jews in 1096'

John H Pryor, 'A view from the masthead: the First Crusade from the sea'

Alan Forey, 'Henry II's crusading penances for Becket's murder'

Jonathan Riley-Smith, 'The death and burial of Latin Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem and Acre, 1099-1291'

Benjamin Weber, 'Conversion, croisade et ocuménisme a la fin du Moyen-âge. Encore sur la lettre de Pie II a Mehmed II'

Janus Moller Jensen, 'The forgotten crusades: Greenland and the Crusades 1400-1523'


Short notices

Bulletin No. 28 of the SSCLE

Volume 8 (2009)

Adrian J. Boas and Aren M. Maeir, The Frankish Castle of Blanche Garde and the Medieval and Modern Village of Tell es-Safi in the Light of Recent Discoveries

Michael Evans, Penthesilea on the Second Crusade: Eleanor of Aquitaine the Amazon queen of Niketas Choniates?

Amon Linder, Like Purest Gold Resplendent: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Liberation of Jerusalem

Aleks Pluskowski, Animal Bones from an Industrial Quarter at Malbork, Poland: Towards an Ecology of a Castle Built by Teutonic Order in Prussia

Jonathan Rubin-Ronen, The Debate on 12th-Century Frankish Feudalism: Additional Evidence from William of Tyre's 'Chronicon'

Chris Schabel, A Neglected Quarrel over a House in Cyprus in 1299: The Nicosia Franciscans vs. the Chapter of Nicosia Cathedral

Lucas Villegas-Aristizábal, The Anglo-Norman intervention in the conquest and settlement of Tortosa 1148-1180

Volker Caumanns, Die Kreuzzugsmotivation Friedrichs II


Short notices

Bulletin No. 29 of the SSCLE

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