Szabadságszükséglet és esztétikum. [The need for freedom and the esthetics]. Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó [Academic Press], 1980; p. 160.

Essays on the psychologic validity of philosophically established contexts of ćsthetic and ethic values. Argues against theories deriving values either from natural existence or from spiritual consciousness. Considers values originated from the production that is claimed to be a unity of bringing into existence and bringing into consciousness. For understanding psychological aspect of such values a psychology based on production principle (instead of that of either nature or spirit) is needed. A paradoxical need for freedom is presented as one that is considered by such a psychology a specifically human basic need. — An English version of a chapter is published as Conflict. → Full text (in Hungarian).

Key words: esthetic and ethic values; their deriving from natural existence vs from spiritual consciousness; production as unity of bringing into existence and bringing into consciousness; specifically human basic need; psychosocial paradox


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