• I. R. Epstein, J.A. Pojman: An Introduction to nonlinear chemical dynamics, OUP, 1998
  • S.K. Scott: Oscillations, Waves and Chaos in Chemical Kinetics, OUP, 1994
  • B.A. Grzybowski: Chemistry in Motion: reaction-diffusin systems for micr- and nanotechnology, John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2009
  • P. Ball: Nature's Patterns, A Tapestry in three parts, Shapes, OUP, 2009


There will be 3 take-home assignments upon which a final grade is given. The assignments will be posted in CooSpace with the deadline of submission. The completed exam should be submitted as a PDF file on time.

University regulations are observed in cases not mentioned.


  • Systems far from equilibria. Self-assembly vs. self-organization.
  • Synthesis and analysis of chemical oscillations.
  • Complex oscillations and chaos. Characterization procedures.
  • Spatiotemporal pattern formation. Turing structures and their characterization.
  • Emerging topics in systems chemistry.


"B├ęke" building, Room F17, by appointment only