• Dr. Árpád Szűcs: General Chemistry. General Chemistry Calculations, JATEPress, 2009
  • D.D. Ebbing, S.D. Gammon: General Chemistry, Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007 or current edition


Attendance is required. The handouts, a non-programmable basic calculator is compulsory in the classes.
There will be 2 in-class exams with the dates given in the schedule.

For every exam, you should bring a photoID, a pen and a non-programmable basic calculator that allows simple functions. Calculators that can perform unit conversions, calculus (integrals, derivatives), etc. are not permitted.

University regulations are observed in every cases.

Tentative Schedule

  1. week (September 6, 2019): Entrance examination.
  2. week (September 13, 2019): Significant figures, rounding numbers. Precision and accuracy. Laboratory equipments. SI system. SI base and derived units. Prefixes. Units conversion. Units of pressure and temperature.
  3. week (September 20, 2019): Atomic symbols. Periodic table of elements. Chemical formulas. Chemical nomenclature.
  4. week (September 27, 2019): Oxidation numbers and rules for their determination.
    Writing and balancing chemical equations.
  5. week (October 4, 2019): Determination of solution composition using their definitions. Conversion of concentration units. Chemical mixing. Dilution of solutions. Gases. Gas laws and their application.
  6. week (October 11, 2019): Stoichiometric exercises. Limiting reactants. Thermochemistry.
  7. week (October 18, 2019): Final exam.


"Béke" building, Room F17, By appointment only