Research Group for Medieval Church History



Recently, some historians from the Southern Hungarian region have established a research team in order to coordinate different research projects. The team consists of several groups working on different fields, e.g. medieval church history, books and libraries in the early modern Hungary, etc. The members of the team are working at University (SZTE) departments, museums as well as in academic institutions dealing with different aspects and periods of this area. Dr. László Koszta was appointed as the director of the team, who is the secretary of the superior organization: the Szeged Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

The groups of the research team, have established their purposes and projects. Our group (CAPITULUM) aims at dealing with medieval church history, especially to encompass the state and role of the middle stratum of medieval clergy. The group consists of PhD candidates of Medieval Studies led by Dr. László Koszta and Dr. Tibor Almási. Beyond the overall purpose, this group is also engaged in producing a computer database of medieval Latin charters in order to analyze them, and we want to make it possible to access the in extenso text through the Internet.

The team is about to establish a discussion group on the Internet providing a continuous panel-discussion for the members of a broader team and a kind of bulletin board for up-to-date information about events, publications, discussions. In addition, this would-be homepage is to contain the databases prepared by the groups of the research team.

Beyond the abovepurposes, we would like to build up contacts and keep in touch with scholars from several Central/Eastern European countries. Thus, we already have initiated some connections with Croatian and Slovakian medievalists and we are looking for relations in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. We would like to ground an "info-circle" based on mutual relations among the participants. Various areas of connection might be taken into account: for instance, informing each other about running projects, conferences, workshops, publications (translations, book reviews), research trips, changing periodicals.


Members of the Research Group

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CAPITULUM Középkori Egyháztörténeti Kutatócsoport
SZTE Történeti Intézet
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