Zsolt Pénzes


Institute of Biology
Faculty of Science and Informatics
University of Szeged
6726 Szeged, Közép fasor 52. Hungary

Academic history

1990 - 1992 Department of Biophysics, BRC, Szeged. Modelling protein structure. Participation in the development of an EIA Reader prototype (Biohit Finland and BRC project).
1993 - 1997 Department of Evolutionary Zoology, Kossuth University (recently University of Debrecen), Debrecen. Modelling behaviour of paper wasps: Optimisation and Self-organization. PhD in biology (1998). Thesis: Self-organizing patterns of Polistes colonies.
1998 - present Associate professor, Department of Ecology, University of Szeged
head of the Molecular Biodiversity Unit, BRC (2003-2017)
head of the Department of Ecology (2015-2023)


  • Evolution of inquiline gall wasps. Of the various forms of insect herbivory, the most intimate and complex form is gall induction. Galls represent discrete microhabitats that support relatively closed communities of specialist inhabitants. With around 1400 described species, gall wasps (Cynipidae, Hymenoptera) constitute the second largest group of galling insects, and they induce some of the most structurally complex and diverse galls known. A number of species can not induce galls themselves but develop inside the galls of other cynipids: these are called inquilines. Our main interest is the evolution of the latter group, especially the tribe Synergini associated to Fagaceae host plants.


  • Evolutionary biology. Lecture, BSc and MSc.
  • Molecular evolutionary genetics. Lecture and practice, MSc and PhD.
  • Molecular ecology. Lecture, MSc and PhD.
  • Models in biology. Practice, MSc.
  • Phylogenetics. Practice, PhD.

Publications (fullScopus)

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