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Curriculum Vitae (2017)


I was born in Veszprém, Hungary, in 1962. I have been living in Szeged, Hungary since 1987. I am currently working at the Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Szeged. I am currently an associate professor. I have two children, a boy (Márton, born in 2002) and a girl (Janka, born in 2004).



Kiss Lajos elementary school, Veszprém, Hungary


Lovassy László secondary school, Veszprém, Hungary


Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen, Hungary

My majority was chemistry. I finished the study with first-class certificate.


PhD. degree in the field of chemistry with "summa cum laude" classification.


Good knowledge in English (certificate of state examination in oral and written English).

Fair knowledge in professional Russian (certificate of university examination).

Research experience:

As a student, I worked in two fields of chemistry: (1) theoretical calculation of vibrational spectra and (2) equilibrium and kinetic studies of complex formation in solutions. In my diploma work, I presented the results of the studies in Cu(II)-X-Y solutions (X: EDTA, CDTA, PDTA; Y:NH3, CH3NH2). pH-metric, spectrophotometric and NMR-relaxation methods were used for the experiments and nonlinear parameter estimations for the evaluations.

In the PhD. dissertation (title: New evaluation methods and their applications in the field of reaction kinetics), two newly developed algorithms are described for calculating rate constants. The aim of these procedures is to make possible the use of unlimited number of experimental data and arbitrary model without any simplification. Their usage is demonstrated through the study of the reactions between HOCl and ClO2-; HOCl and ClO2; acetone and iodine.

My current activities: (1) I am developing a modified evaluation procedure for determining diffusion constants with the schlieren method. (2) I study the quantitative applicability of FT-Raman spectrometry. At this time, the error of the experimental reproducibility of the Raman spectra is less than 1%. (3) I am continuously developing new algorithms (and the appropriate programs) in the fields of matrix rank analysis, the precise calibration of pH-metric instruments and the use of stopped-flow method for complex reaction mechanisms. (4) I continue the study of the kinetics of several reactions playing important role in the fields of "exotic" chemistry and complex formation.

My research work was carried out mainly at the University of Szeged and at Kossuth Lajos University. I spent almost two years in Boston, Massachussets, USA (6/1989-9/1989, 6/1992-2/1994) at Brandeis University in the group of Prof. I. R. Epstein. I also spent four months in Turku, Finland (5/2001-9/2001) at University of Turku in the group of Prof. J. Kankare.


in detail

43 papers in international journals and one article in a hungarian journal. I was participant (with lectures or posters) in 31 international and eight hungarian conferences. I am the developer of two program packages (ZiTa/ChemMech and Spline Calculus) and one of the developers of three other ones (MRA , pHCali and PSEQUAD). These programs were made for evaluating huge amount of experimental data. Characterization of the publication activity as of June, 2017:

Number of total citations: 1016

Number of independent citations: 714

Number of self-citations: 136

Number of co-author's self-citations: 166

Cumulative impact factor: 156.5

Additionally, I am the editor and one of the co-authors of two broadsheets and one book published in Hungary.

Teaching activities:

I have been teaching general, analytical, inorganic and physical chemistry, both laboratory exercises and seminars for chemistry and pharmacy students. I give lectures both in Hungarian and in English for second year pharmacy students in the field of basic physical chemisty (thermodynamics and reaction kinetics mainly). I have also been teaching chemical informatics and numerical methods in chemistry for years. I am the editor and a co-author of two broadsheets of physical chemistry laboratory exercises currently used at the University of Szeged. I also edited and partly wrote a book of chemical competitive exercises.