AGNES MASTALIR, associate professor

Office Address

Department of Organic Chemistry

University of Szeged

Dóm tér 8, 6720 Szeged, Hungary

Telephone: 36 62 544207

FAX: 36 62 544200



Chemistry, MSc., József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary (1985)

PhD., József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary (1988)

CSc., Candidate of Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1996)

DSc., Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2012)

Work experience

Doctoral fellow of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1985-88)

Department of Organic Chemistry, József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary

Postdoctoral fellow (1988-1989)

Institut des Recherches sur la Catalyse, Villeurbanne, France (Prof. A. Renouprez)

Postdoctoral fellow (1989-1990)

Department of Organic Chemistry, School of Chemistry,

University of Bristol, Bristol, U. K. (Dr. T. V. Lee)

Postdoctoral fellow (1990)

Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Bristol, Bristol, U. K. (Prof. J. Clamp).

Research assistant (1992-1994)

Assistant Professor (1994-2002)

Associate Professor (2002)

Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Szeged, Hungary

Visiting reseacher (2004)

Department of Technical Chemistry, Technical University, Berlin, Germany (Prof. R. Schomaecker)

Fritz Haber Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany (Prof. R. Schloegl)

Teaching experience

Organic Chemistry, lecture

Organometallic Chemistry, lecture

Stereochemistry and Catalysis, lecture (in English)

Organic Chemistry, laboratory practical

Organic Chemistry, laboratory practical (in English)

Audiovisual laboratory practicals (in English)


English: fluent

French: fluent

German: fluent

Russian: written, read


Villeurbanne (Lyon), France, 6 months, 1988-89

Bristol, England, 24 months, 1989-91

Berlin, Germany, 16 months (German course in the Goethe Institute, finished by the ZMP exam), 1996

Berlin, Germany, 10 months, 2003-2004


Investigation of the structure and the catalytic activity of Cu-, Ni- and Pt-graphite intercalation compounds (graphimets) in hydrogenation and isomerization reactions. Methods: H2 chemisorption, XPS, TEM, DSC. Pulse and flow reactor systems. Study of the support effect on the catalytic activity. Synthesis and characterization of graphite supported metal catalysts. (publications)

Structural investigation of pristine and thermally treated Pt-, Pd- and Rh-graphimets by H2 titration, XPS, TEM, SAXS and sorption microcalorimetry measurements. Determination of their active site distribution by 1-butene titration. Catalytic test reactions in a static recirculation reactor. Microcalorimetric study of beta-hydride formation on Pd-graphite systems. Catalytic investigation of quasi-two-dimensional Pd nanoparticles encapsulated in graphite for gas-phase alkene hydrogenations. (publications)

Preparation and characterization of transition metal nanoparticles in clay minerals. Methods: XRD, TEM, SAXS, ICP-AES, H2 chemisorption. Synthesis of surfactant-stabilized Pd nanoparticles in montmorillonite. Catalytic test reactions: liquid-phase hydrogenations of terminal and internal alkynes. Investigation of clay-intercalated Pd nanoparticles of controlled size, study of the active sites and the effect of beta-hydride formation on the catalytic activity and selectivity. Preparation, characterization and catalytic application of low-loaded Pd-hydrotalcites in liquid-phase alkyne hydrogenations, study of the solvent effect. Microcalorimetric investigation of cationic surfactants. Catalytic application of Pt nanoparticles intercalated in smectite clays for enantioselective hydrogenations. (publications)

Synthesis and characterization of Pt and Pd nanoparticles in MCM-41. Methods: XRD, N2 sorption, TEM, ICP-AES. Catalytic applications in liquid-phase alkene and alkyne hydrogenations. (publications)

Steam reforming of methanol over Cu/ZrO2/CeO2 catalysts. Time-on-stream investigations, study of the reaction mechanism, determination of kinetic parameters. Methods: XRD, N2 sorption, N2O titration, SEM. Experimental setup: 3-channel fixed bed reactor system, on-line GC. Application of hydrotalcite-modified Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts for the steam reforming of methanol, study of CO formation and structural modifications. (publications)

Complete list of publications


Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation (1992)

Bolyai János Research Fellowship (1998-2001)

Békésy Gyorgy Postdoctoral Fellowship (2002-2005)

Széchenyi István Fellowship (2003-2006)

Non-professional interests


Modern arts


Oriental culture