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For photos, updates and fancy stuff please refer to social media. This page provides the essentials only.

I was born at Szeged, Hungary in 1974. My parents were both university lecturers in Arts. I have a brother and two sons. I live with my partner, my younger son and a few cats at Szeged. I have several non-professional interests – some might match yours and we can chat about them when we meet in person.

  • BOOKS - This needs no explanation. I love reading. My interests are fantasy, sci-fi, cultural heritage, history, and self-improvement.
  • COOKING - I started cooking when I turned 40 and I have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since. I like the direct no-nonsense feedback, I like the chemistry behind preparing food, and – having been active in fundamental research all my life – I fully appreciate that I'm creating something with undeniable, instant practical application....
  • BOY'S TOYS - Cars, knives, slide rules, watches, target shooting, archery, DIY, knots, paracord, drawing etc. Some background, some basic knowledge, lots of interest, little time - and oceans of room for gathering more knowledge and experience in these fields. 
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - Photography has been with me ever since I got my first 35 mm camera (a Smena 8M) from my father at the age of 10 or so. Below I present a static gallery of pictures that I like so that you can get an impression. Please note that these are not updated as I'm showcasing my pics mosty in facebook albums today.