"…elvegyültem és kiváltam": Társadalomlélektani esszé az identitásról. [A psychosocial essay on identity]. Budapest: T-Twins, 1993. 231 p.

Deals with social categorization elaborating social identity and with the deformation of technically appropriate individual performances by an unconscious process making out of them markers of this categorization on the background of the paradoxes which make social categorization either impossible or unnecessary. Applies the presented psychosocial theory for a case study of the great Hungarian poet Attila József who's both works, acts and diseases' symptoms including his suicide are analyzed as markers of his social categorization on the background of the paradoxes of his expulsion from his main reference group. — Texts related to the monograph and available in non-Hungarian: Les paradoxes, Social Identity. – The original version: Social identity and consciousness: A thesis for the Academy doctor's degree. Budapest, 1987.

Key words: social identity; social categorization; form vs matter;. activity as symbolization of social relations; psychosocial paradoxes; production of human resources; post-capitalist system; Attila József



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