Let me introduce myself
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Prof. Dr. András Berkó 

Born: Szeged, 1954, 25 June

Permanent address:
              H-6726 Hungary, Szeged, Szent István tér 12-13   6.em. 52.
              Phone: + 36 62 436 205

Permanent position and office: Reaction Kinetics Research Laboratory / Institute of Nanochemistry and Catalysis
               Chemical Research Center of  the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
               University of Szeged 
               H-6701 Szeged, POB.168
               H-6720 Szeged, Dóm tér 7. 
               Phone: + 36 62 544 646
               Fax: + 36 62 420 678 
               E-mail : aberko@chem.u-szeged.hu 

Education and scientific degrees:
Middle School :  Radnóti Miklós Grammar School, 
                                                   Szeged, Hungary   (1968-72) 

                       Diploma in Physics : University of  Szeged, 
                                                  Hungary 1978
                                                  Supervisor:  Professor József  Kispéter 

                   Doctor of University -1983; 
                                                         at the József Attila University of Szeged 
                                                         Supervisor:  Professor Frigyes Solymosi

                        Candidate of the Chemical Sciences (PhD) -1990; 
                                                         at the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences
                         Doctor of the Academy  (2001)
at the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences

                         Private Professor    (2008)
                                                            at the University of Szeged

Sabbaticals : 
     Humboldt-Fellow at  Research Center Julich,  Professor Hans P. Bonzel
                                        Germany   (1988-89)  17 months 
      Visiting Scientist at Research Center of Julich, 
                                        Germany  (1989-90)  14 months 
      Humboldt- Fellow  at University of  Ulm, Professor R. Jürgen Behm
                                         Germany (1993)  3 months 
      Visiting Scientist   at  Sincrotrone Trieste, 
                                     at the VUV-beamline  Professor Kevin Prince
                                         Italy (1995)  2 months 
      Visiting Scientist at  Sincrotrone Trieste,  Professor Kevin Prince
                                       Italy (1998)     3 months
       Visiting Scientist at the Institute Physics of C A S, Professor Vladimir Cháb
                                       Czech Republic (2005-2006),  2 months
      Visiting Scientist   at University of Bourgogne, Dijon,  Professor Bruno Domenichini
                                        France (2006)  1 month
      Humboldt- Fellow  at University of  Ulm, Professor R. Jürgen Behm
                                       Germany (2007)  3 months
      Humboldt- Fellow  at University of  Ulm, Professor R. Jürgen Behm
                                        Germany (2008)  3 months   

Knowledge of language:  English,  German. 

Research Interest: 
Fundamental studies of elementary steps of catalytic reactions on transition metals  by different surface analysis methods as UPS, XPS, AES, LEED, TPD, STM. 

The effect of alkali additives on the electronic and structural  properties of adsorbed molecules and species. 

Structural characterization of chemisorbed layers by low energy electron diffraction  and scanning tunneling microscopy. 

In situ production and characterization of planar  oxide supported catalysts by STM.  Interaction of supported   nanoparticles with gas phase. 

Nanoscale selforganization processes in ultrathin epitaxial films. 

Awards :   Graduate Student Conference Prize  (1979) 
                     Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (1988, 1994, 2007, 2008)
                     Academy Prize (hungarian Academy of Sciences (2001)

Hobbies :  music                                        

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