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60.  A. Berkó, N. Balázs, G. Kassab, L. Óvári: Segregation of K and its effects on the growth, decoration
and adsorption properties of Rh nanoparticles on TiO2(110)
J. Catal.    000 (2012) 000
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59.  P. Mutombo, N. Balázs, Z. Majzik, A. Berkó, V. Chab: Theoretical study of the adsorption
of rhodium on a TiO2(110)-1x1 surface
Appl. Surf. Sci.   000 (2012) 000.
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58.  Majzik, N. Balázs, A. Berkó: Thermally activated reconstruction of TiO2(110)-(1x1) surface
in the presence of potassium: an STM study
Catal. Today 181 (1) (2012) 89.
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57.  Z. Majzik, N. Balázs, L. Robin, M. Petukhov, B. Domenichini, S. Bourgeois and A. Berkó:
Tunneling Induced Decomposition of Mo(CO)6 onto TiO2(110) surface
Vacuum 86 (2012) 623.
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56.  Z. Majzik, W. Kamiński, A. J. Weymouth, M. Vondráček, V. Zobač, M. Švec, A. Berkó,
A. B. McLean, K. C. Prince, P. Jelínek, V. Cháb: On investigation of ethylene attachment to
Si(111)-(7x7) in the restatom-adatom bridging geometry: electronic and vibrational properties
J. Phys. Chem. C  115 (2011) 21791.
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55.  Z. Majzik, N. Balázs, A. Berkó: Ordered SMSI-decoration layer on Rh nanoparticles grown
on TiO2(110) surface
J. Phys. Chem. C  115 (2011) 9535.
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54.  Z. Pászti, O. Hakkel, T. Keszthelyi, A. Berkó, N. Balázs, I. Bakó, L. Guczi: Interaction
of carbon monoxide with Au(111) modified by ion bombardment: a surface spectroscopy study under
elevated pressure
Langmuir 26 (2010) 16312.
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53.  O. Hakkel, Z. Pászti, A. Berkó, K. Frey, L. Guczi: In situ sum frequency generation vibrational
spectroscopy study of CO adsorption on Au surfaces promoted by Ar+ sputtering and FeOx additives
Catalysis Today 158 (2010) 63.
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L. Óvári, A. Berkó, N Balázs, Z. Majzik, J. Kiss: Formation of Rh-Au core-shell nanoparticles
on TiO2(110) surface studied by STM and LEIS
Langmuir 26 (3) (2010) 2167.
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51.  A
. Bergbreiter, A. Berkó, P.M. Erne, H.E. Hoster, R.J. Behm:
On the Origin of Ru Bilayer Island Growth on Pt(111)
Vacuum  84 (2010) 13
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50.  J. Kiss, L. Óvári, L. Bugyi, A. Berkó: Characterization of Au-Rh and Au-Mo bimetallic nanoclusters
on TiO2(110): a comparative study
Reaction Kinetics Research Letters  96 (2) (2009) 391.
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49.  A. Berkó, A. Bergbreiter, H.E. Hoster and R.J. Behm: From Bilayer to Monolayer Growth:
Temperature Effects in the Growth of Ru on Pt(111)  
Surf. Sci.  603 (2009) 2556.
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48.  L. Óvári, L. Bugyi,  Z. Majzik, A. Berkó, J. Kiss: Surface structure and composition of Au-Rh bimetallic
nanoclusters on TiO2(110): a LEIS and STM study
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 
112(46) (2008) 18011.
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47.  P. Mutombo, A. M. Kiss, A. Berkó, V. Cháb: Atomic geometry and STM simulations of Ti  O
2(110) surface upon
formation of oxygen vacancy and a hydroxyl group
Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng.
16(2) (2008) 25007.
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46.  L. Bugyi, A. Berkó, L. Óvári, A. M. Kiss, J. Kiss: Enhanced dispersion and stability of gold nanoparticles
on stoichiometric and reduced TiO
2(1 10) surfae in the presence of molybdenum
Surface Science 602 (2008) 1650.
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45.  A. Berkó, A. M. Kiss, M. Švec, F. Šutara, V. Cháb: Ar+ assisted carbidization of TiO2(110) supported Mo nanoparticles
by decomposition of C2H4
Vacuum  82 (2008) 125.
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44.  A. Berkó, Z. Majzik,  A. M. Kiss: Low temperature CO oxidation on differently prepared TiO2(110) supported Au catalysts
Journal of Physics: Conference Series  61 (2007) 110.
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43.  P. Mutombo, A. M. Kiss, A. Berkó, V. Chab: The effect of potassium on the adsorption of gold on the TiO2(110)-(1x1) surface
Nanotechnology 17 (2006) 4112.
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42.  A.M. Kiss, M. Švec, A. Berkó:
The effect of preadsorbed K on the size distribution of Au nanoparticles on TiO2(110) surface
 Surface Science 600 (2006) 3352.
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41.  A. Berkó, A. Magony, J. Szökő: Characterization of Mo deposited on a TiO2(110) surface by scanning tunneling microscopy
and Auger electron spectroscopy
Langmuir 21 (2005) 4562.
[full text   pdf]

40.  A. Berkó, A. M. Kiss, J. Szökő: Formation of vacancy islands tailored by Pt nnocrystallites and Ar+ sputtering on TiO2(110) surface.
Applied Surface Science 246 (1-3) (2004) 174.
[full text pdf]

39.  A. Berkó, J. Szökő, F. Solymosi: Effect of CO on the morphology of Pt nanoparticles supported on TiO2(110)-(1xn).
Surface Science 566-568 (2004) 337.
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38. A. Berkó, J. Szökõ, F. Solymosi: High temperature postgrowing of Pt-nanocrystallites supported and
encapsulated on TiO2(110) surface.
Surface Science   532-535 (2003) 390.
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37.  J. Szökõ, A. Berkó: Tunnelling spectroscopy of Pt nanoparticles supported on TiO2(110) surface.
Vacuum  71 (2003) 193.
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36. A. Berkó, O. Hakkel, J. Szökõ, F. Solymosi: Thermally induced formation of vacancy.islands on the atomic terraces
of TiO2(110) surface covered by Pt.
Surface Science    507-510 (2002) 643.
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35. A. Berkó, J. Szökõ and F. Solymosi: Preparation and reactivity of Rh nanoparticles on TiO2(110)-(1x2) surface.
Solid State Ionics 141-142 (2001) 197.
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34. A. Berkó, T. Bíró, T. Kecskés and F. Solymosi: Self-organization of oxide nanodots generated by low energy
Ar ion bombardment on TiO2(110)-(1x2)
Vacuum 61 (2001) 317.
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33. A. Berkó and F. Solymosi: Effects of different gases on the morphology of Ir nanoparticles supported on the TiO2(110)-(1x2) surface.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 104 (2000) 10215.
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32. A. Berkó, T. Bíró, F. Solymosi: Formation and migration of carbon produced in the dissociation of CO on Rh / TiO2(110)-(1x2)
model catalyst: a scanning microscopy study.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 104 (2000) 2506. 
[full text   pdf]

31. A. Berkó, F. Solymosi : Adsorption induced structural changes of Rh supported by TiO2(110)-(1x2) - an STM study.
Journal of Catalysis 183 (1999) 101.
[full text   pdf]

30. A. Berkó, G. Klivényi and F. Solymosi : Fabrication of Ir / TiO2 (110) planar catalysts with tailored particle size and distribution.
Journal of Catalysis 182 (1999) 511.
[full text   pdf]

29. A. Berkó and F. Solymosi : Morphological changes of Ir-nanocrystallites supported on TiO2(110)-(1x2) surface induced by CO.
Surface Science 411 (1998) L900.
[full text   pdf]

28. A. Berkó, I. Ulrych and K. C. Prince : Encapsulation of Rh-nanoparticles supported on TiO2(110)-(1x1) surface: XPS and STM studies.
Journal of  Physical Chemistry B  102 (1998) 3379.
[full text   pdf]

27. A. Berkó, F. Solymosi: Method for independent control of particle size and distance in rhodium epitaxy on TiO2(110)-(1x2) surface. An STM study.
Surface Science  400 (1998) 281.
[full text   pdf]

26.  A. Berkó and E. Kriván: Nanoscale fabrication on a clean TiO2(110)1x2 surface by scanning tunneling microscopy,
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology  B. 15 (1) (1997) 25.

25. A. Berkó, G. Ménesi and F. Solymosi: STM study of rhodium deposition on the TiO2(110)-(1x2) surface,
Surface Science  372 (1997) 202.

24. A. Berkó, G. Ménesi and F. Solymosi : An STM study of the CO-induced structural changes of Rh crystallites supported by TiO2(110) ,
Journal of Physical Chemistry    100 (1996) 17732.

23. A. Berkó and F. Solymosi: Study of clean TiO2(110) surface by scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy,
Langmuir 12 (1996) 1257. 

<>22. U. Memmert, A. Berkó and R.J. Behm: Site selective SiH4 adsorption on Si(111)7x7 surfaces,
Surface Science  325 (1995) L441.

21. F. Solymosi, A. Berkó and Z. Tóth: Adsorption and dissociation of CH3OH on clean and K-promoted Pd(100) surfaces.

Surface Science 285 (1993) 197.

20. A. Berkó, J. Raskó and F. Solymosi: Spectroscopic studies on the reaction pathways of methanol dissociation on Pd catalysts, New Frontiers in Catalysis, Part C, p. 359.  Editors: L. Guczi, F. Solymosi and P. Tetenyi: 1993
Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.

19. A. Berkó and F. Solymosi: Adsorption of nitrogen atoms on Cu(111), Rh(111) and Pt(110) surfaces,
Applied Surface Science 55 (1992) 193.

18. A. Berkó and H. P. Bonzel: Modification of the methanation activity on a Ni(111) surface by Ar ion bombardement,
Surface Science 251/252 (1991) 1112.

17.  A. Berkó, W. Erley and D. Sander: Layer growth mechanism and dipole-dipole inderaction of CH3Cl on Pd(100): an infrared and thermal desorption study,
Journal of Chemical Physics 93 (1990) 8300.

16.  J. Kiss, A. Berkó, K. Révész and F. Solymosi: Effects of potassium on the adsorption and dissociation of CH3Cl on Pd(100),
Surface Science 240 (1990) 59.

15. F. Solymosi, A. Berkó and K. Révész: Adsorption of  CH3Cl  on clean and Cl-dosed Pd(100) surfaces,
Surface Science 240 (1990) 50.

14.  A. Berkó, F.P. Coenen and H.P. Bonzel: Structure sensitivity of methanation on nickel,
Vacuum 41 (1990) 147.

13.  A. Berkó and F. Solymosi: Adsorption and dissociation of CH3Cl on clean and potassium-promoted Pd(100) surface,
Journal of Physical Chemistry 93 (1989) 12.

12. A. Berkó and F. Solymosi: The properties of CO and K coadsorbed on Pd(100) surface,
Journal of Chemical Physics 90 (4)(1989) 2492.

11. F. Solymosi and A. Berkó: Coincident thermal desorption and salt formation in CO+K coadsorbed layers,
Surface Science 201 (1988) 361.

10. F. Solymosi, A. Berkó and T.I. Tarnóczi: Ultraviolet photoemission and thermal desorption studies of the chemisorption
and decomposition of methanol on potassium-dosed Rh(111),

Journal of Chemical Physics 87 (1987) 6745.

9. A. Berkó and F. Solymosi: Structure and properties of potassium on Pd(100) surface,
Surface Science 187 (1987) 359.

8. A. Berkó, T.I. Tarnóczi and F. Solymosi: Interaction of CH3OH with K-dosed Rh(111) surfaces at 300K,
Surface Science 189/190 (1987) 238.

7. F. Solymosi and A. Berkó: Adsorption of CO2 on clean and potassium covered Pd(100) surfaces,
Journal of Catalysis  101 (1986) 458.

6. A. Berkó and F.Solymosi: Effects of potassium on the chemisorption of CO2 and CO on the Pd(100) surface,
Surface Science 171 (1986) L498.

5. F. Solymosi, T.I. Tarnóczi and A. Berkó: Methanol adsorption and decomposition on oxygen-precovered rhodium(111),

Journal Physical Chemistry  88 (1984) 6170.

4. F. Solymosi, A. Berkó and T.I. Tarnóczi: Effects of preadsorbed oxygen on the formation and decomposition of NCO on Rh(111) surfaces,
Application of Surface Science 18 (1984) 233.

3. F. Solymosi, A. Berkó and T.I. Tarnóczi: Adsorption and decomposition of  methanol on Rh(111) studied by electron
energy loss and thermal desorption spectroscopy,

Surface Science 141 (1984) 533.

2. F. Solymosi and A. Berkó: Adsorption and oxidation of HCN on oxygen-dosed Cu(111) surface studied by AES, ELS and TDS measurements,
Surface Science122 (1982) 275.

1. J. Kiss, A. Berkó and F. Solymosi: The adsorption of N-atoms on Pt(110) and Cu(111) surfaces,
Proc. 8th Intern. Vac. Congr. and 4rd Intern. Conf. Solid Surfaces (Cannes  1980).

       Publications (hungarian)  by  A. Berkó

9. Majzik Z., Berkó A. : H2O disszociációja során a TiO2(110) felületen képződő OH-csoportok tanulmányozása pásztázó
XXX. Kémiai Előadói Napok 2007, 29. old.  ISBN 978-963-482-845-7  JATE-Press, Editor: Fülöp Ferenc.  
8. Berkó A.: A felülettudománytól a nanotechnológiáig: reakciók tanulmányozása atomi léptékben.
Magyar Tudomány 12 (2002) 1557.

7. Berkó A., Solymosi F.: Kétdimenziós modell-katalizátorok tanulmányozása pásztázó alagútmikroszkópiával: TiO2(110)-(1x2) felületen hordozott Rh és Ir.
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